Telescopic Handler Course

Telescopic Handler Course

08th March, 2024

Navigating Pre-Course Requirements for the NPORS N010 - Telescopic Handler Course 

The operation of telescopic handlers in construction and warehousing environments demands a high level of skill and understanding of safety protocols. Midland Plant Training and Testing (MPTT) offers the NPORS N010 - Telescopic Handler course, designed to equip operators with foundational training and assessment in the operation and maintenance of telescopic handlers. This blog post delves into the pre-course requirements, course structure, and other critical information for prospective participants. 

Pre-Course Requirements 

CSCS Affiliated NPORS Trained Operators Licence 

Individuals seeking to acquire the CSCS affiliated NPORS Trained Operators licence must have passed the relevant Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) test within the last two years before completing this course. This requirement underscores the importance of up-to-date health and safety knowledge in the operation of heavy machinery. 

NPORS Traditional Licence 

For those interested in obtaining the NPORS Traditional Licence, there are no specific pre-requisites. This flexibility ensures that individuals at various stages of their professional development can access the training, whether they are new to telescopic handler operation or looking to formalize their existing skills. 

Course Overview 

The Telescopic Handler course is structured to provide comprehensive training through classroom-based learning and practical instruction. The course aims to equip operators with the necessary skills for efficient and safe operation of telescopic handlers. 

Course Structure 

Participants will engage in a robust curriculum designed to cover all critical aspects of telescopic handler operation, including: 

  • Operating the machine for all standard tasks. 

  • Assessing the safety of specific loads for lifting. 

  • Performing routine servicing and maintenance following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  • Understanding the machine's mechanics and maintenance requirements. 

  • Recognizing the impact of load size, weight, gradients, and ground conditions on machine stability. 

  • Managing the loading, storage, and transportation of representative materials. 

  • Gaining knowledge on the basic construction of pallets. 

Course Duration and Location 

The duration of the course varies based on the applicant's experience, ensuring a tailored learning experience for each participant. Training sessions are held at Midland Plant Training and Testing in Brownhills, WS8 7DL, with options for on-site training at the client's location, provided the necessary equipment is available. 

Course Completion 

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded the appropriate NPORS licence card, certifying their qualification as trained telescopic handler operators. 

Enquire About This Course 

At MPTT, we pride ourselves on our team of expert trainers, testers, assessors, and administrative staff, all dedicated to delivering exceptional training and support. We invite individuals interested in pursuing a career in telescopic handler operation or enhancing their operational skills to reach out to us. 

For more information about the NPORS N010 - Telescopic Handler course and how it can benefit your career, please contact our team at 01543 899706 or via email at We are eager to assist you on your path to becoming a proficient telescopic handler operator.