Requirements for Mobile Crane Operator Training

Requirements for Mobile Crane Operator Training

21st March, 2024

Pre-Course Requirements for Mobile Crane Operator Training 

In the realm of construction and heavy machinery operation, the proficiency and certification of equipment operators are paramount. Midland Plant Training and Testing (MPTT) is at the forefront of offering comprehensive training courses designed for aspiring mobile crane operators. This blog post outlines the pre-course requirements and provides an overview of the course designed to equip delegates with the necessary skills for proficient mobile crane operation. 

Pre-Course Requirements 

CSCS Affiliated NPORS Trained Operators Licence 

To be eligible for the CSCS affiliated NPORS Trained Operators licence, delegates must have successfully passed the relevant Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) test within the last two years prior to completing the course. This prerequisite ensures that all participants have up-to-date knowledge on health and safety practices, which is crucial for operating heavy machinery safely and efficiently. 

NPORS Traditional Licence 

For those aiming to obtain the NPORS Traditional Licence, there are no pre-requisites. This makes the course accessible to individuals at different stages of their career, whether they are looking to get started in mobile crane operation or seeking to formalise their experience with a recognised certification. 

Course Overview 

The course is meticulously designed to provide delegates with the skills, knowledge, and training required for the role of a mobile crane operator within a lifting operations team. It caters to individuals required to operate mobile cranes for the movement of loads, ensuring that they can perform their duties safely and competently. 

Course Structure 

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics essential for mobile crane operation, including: 

  • Operating the crane safely and responding accurately to recognised crane signals. 

  • Correct positioning of the crane, altering jib lengths, and understanding associated safety devices. 

  • Routine plant maintenance, minor adjustments, and understanding of safe load indicators and duties charts. 

  • Comprehensive knowledge on chains, slings, lifting gear, crane capabilities, and safety precautions. 

  • Basic theory of power units, transmission systems, control systems, and statutory regulations applicable to lifting operations. 

  • Principles of safe slinging, the correct use of outriggers, and transport regulations for travel on the public highway. 

Course Duration and Location 

The duration of the course is determined based on the applicant’s experience, ensuring a tailored training experience. Training is primarily conducted at Midland Plant Training and Testing, Brownhills, WS8 7DL. Additionally, NPORS training can be arranged at the client's site, provided the necessary machinery is available for training/testing purposes. 

Course Completion 

Upon successful completion, candidates will receive the appropriate NPORS licence card, marking their qualification as trained mobile crane operators. 

Enquire About This Course 

MPTT boasts a dedicated team of expert trainers, testers, assessors, and administrative staff committed to delivering first-class service and expert training. For those interested in enhancing their skills and pursuing a career as a mobile crane operator, we invite you to reach out. 

Speak to our team today to learn more about this course and how it can pave the way for your career in mobile crane operation. Contact us at 01543 899706 or via email at We’re here to assist you in achieving your professional goals.