The full or single unit reassessments are for anyone that wishes to continue to work on the roads, and whose current qualifications are due to or have recently expired. The course is generally designed for those with streetworks experience.

Although even if you’ve had a card and have not performed any highway work you are still eligible for reassessment. 


We typically advise those who are entering the 6 month period prior to their NRSWA Card expiring to schedule reassessment at their earliest convenience. This is because putting it off until the last moment runs the risk that you could miss the expiration date and become ineligible to conduct highway work. If that happens you will likely lose your insurance coverage for such work as well. 


If you have concerns that scheduling reassessment 6 months before your card expires will result in you losing 6 months of certification, fear not. Your new card will be valid for 5 years plus whatever time was left on your previous card, whether that is 2 weeks, 2 months or 6 months. 

 If you need more support with your refresher please contact us. 

You will have to complete a timed online exam for each Streetworks unit you are being refreshed on. For the full course the 1-to-2-day reassessments you can expect to go straight to test only. The 2–to-3-day reassessments you can expect a classroom refresher before the tests. For single unit reassessments these can be completed in half a day. 

The online exam for each unit will contain 20 multiple choice questions and you will need to answer 80% of them (16 out of 20) correctly in order to pass and receive your new NRSWA Card. You will be given 45 minutes to answer the questions and should you fail you will have to schedule another reassessment. 

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